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So PVR software. Spend a bit of time on Google and you'll find there is quite a lot of this stuff out there. Some of it is expensive, some is free. The main ones I've looked at so far are detailed below.

Beyond TV From Snapstream. This was the first PVR software I looked at. I liked it a lot because it pretty much just worked. However, there were a few issues with it. The EPG (electronic program data - ie WHATS ON) was a link to an external website run by someone else. The website was supposedly linked in to the software, but in fact it was linked to a previous version and didn't work very well with the one I had. This meant you had to be connected to the internet, look up the data (which in itself is a pain in the arse), then set the recording manually. For me this defeats a number of objectives. However, the main ruling factor for me was the hardware support. Beyond TV requires a Dx9 graphics card to work. The machine I am hoping to use for my PVR has no AGP slot, and getting hold of a Dx9 PCI card with TV-Out without spending a fortune is hard work.

Sage TV SageTV was my second investigation. It worked, after a fashion. With a bit of fiddling, I even got my remote control working with it. However, the menu was nasty nasty nasty. Fiddly to use. Apparently you can customise this, if you are willing to fork out for another piece of software. Although Sage did what I was looking for, the user interface was enough to put me off.

MythTV What's that? It's free? Now we're talking. Or not. MythTV is raved over by linux buffs everywhere. I hate Linux. Mainly cos it confuses the hell out of me. I tried using something called KnoppMyth which is a ready-to-go version of Linux with Myth pre-installed and setup. You supposedly just whack in the CD, answer a few questions, and off you go. Yeah right. Got the software up and running eventually, but couldn't get any picture up. So I eventually thought sod it and tried something else!

GB-PVR This is my latest attempt. Latest in that I downloaded it 24 hours previously to writing this. Thoughts so far - wow! GB-PVR is free. Good. It works on Windows (XP/2k). Good. It's simple... Good! So am I. The setup is realtively simple. The EPG can come from one of a number of places, one being an XML plugin that downloads it from the radio times website (at whatever interval you decide to setup), but plonks it into the system where it's easy to record whatever you wish. The recording worked fine, though I did find a strange bug in that the file became locked and couldn't delete. I tried again today and it deleted fine, so we're putting this one down to experience. I haven't actually managed to get a live TV image up yet. I'm thinking this is due to needing to choose a renderer, but as I'm currently logged in via remote desktop, I can't test it until I get home! But apart from that, the software is cool, and has lots of third party plugins available.

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Back Up! ./28 Sep 2008 22:58\.
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Website Issues ./28 Oct 2007 12:50\.
I've just moved the site over to a new host, which (I hope) is substantially more reliable, and which definately gives me a lot more space! However, until I get the sub-domains moved over, and the database sorted, there may be a few issues. Deal with it :)
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