I guess with the massive changes in my life recently, a new blog is a good way to go. Let's see what's happened so far?

  • Left classroom teaching - I've become massively disillusioned with the industry, the direction from government, the untenable workload and impact it has on family, and may other aspects of the career.
  • Started a new career - I'm now a lecturer at the Open University and really enjoying it. I think I'll write more about moving into academia through abnormal routes later.
  • Started going to the gym. Anyone that knows me knows how much that is unnatural!
  • Still contracting with AQA.
  • Started developing on Discworld MUD
  • Signed up to cycle back from Paris to London in three days and to do the Yorkshire three peaks in 24 hours a month later. In case anyone thought I was catching sanity.

So what's the point of the blog? Well, it's more anti-social than Facebook, and gives me a nice opportunity to keep track of what I'm doing and what I'm learning. I'm sure it will be a mix of thoughts, discoveries, notes, aides-de-memoire, and other stuff :)